Make 2020 your best year yet: how to kickstart your marketing

By now, most businesses are starting to understand how important marketing is for acquiring and retaining customers. Yet many of them don’t have an integrated plan to grow and engage their audiences effectively. Why? We suspect the sheer scale and scope of marketing might be enough to put you off. [...]

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Meet Karen: Our fountain of knowledge

Favourite Food: Spicy food (particularly chilli, curry or fajitas) Favourite Animal: Cats – love their sass! Favourite Phrase: Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all How long have you been working at Hyped? I started back in March 2015 as an Account Manager, so [...]

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Meet Florence: The Hyped Design Superstar

Hyped Marketing are captivated by the hard and creative output of our in-house studio team. Florence has been winning Hypeds client’s hearts for almost 7 months with her fresh ideas to enhance organisations digital and printed appearance. Want to find out all about the woman behind the magic? We asked [...]

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Utilising National Days for your Marketing Strategy

There are two types of people when national days such as Valentine’s Day approaches: those who embrace and those who loathe it. No matter what the response, the value of national days from a marketing aspect should not be ignored. Recognisable events are a great way to engage any current [...]

Why should small and medium sized businesses be outsourcing their marketing to Hyped Marketing?

Let’s be honest. If you want your business to be represented at the top of your industry and attract clients and customers, then you need to be portraying a true-to-life depiction of your business to the outside world. But which channels do you use? Should you be on Pinterest [...]

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The big Twitter purge – short term loss for long term gain!

There’s no doubt that the latest news in the social media world has shocked everyone, clients such as Twitter themselves have seen a huge shake-up in their followers, losing 7,700,000. Twitter have said that the big purge is not about targeting individual users, but about eliminating the bots and the [...]

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