Your Social Branding: Key Points For Your Social Media Strategy

One of the most popular questions we get asked at Stop and Stare is, “can you look after my company’s social media channels?” Many of our clients understand what a powerful digital marketing tool they can be, but having set up their social media accounts they struggle to optimise them [...]

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Influencer Marketing: Who Matters For Your Local Biz?

You may have heard of the term ‘influencer marketing’ or be aware of ‘online influencers’. These are the people who have vast Twitter followings, huge Klout scores and only have to Instagram their lunch to receive numerous likes and reposts! INFLUENCER MARKETING DEFINED Online influencers are essentially influential people; generally [...]

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5 Ways To Use Social Media For Local Marketing

If you run a local business focussed predominately on customers in your local area, you may think that the global marketing capabilities of social media are not for you. Think again! Social media is great for driving real customers through your door and has just as much value for a [...]

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The Top 10 Benefits Of Using Social Media To Help Grow Your Business

A recent survey from Social Media Examiner shows 89% of small and medium-sized businesses report increased exposure and 75% report increased traffic as the top two greatest benefits of social media. If you are new to social media, or still just testing the waters, you should consider the numerous advantages of [...]

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