15 principles to follow when designing and building a company website

In today’s digital world, you need a strong online presence to capture and demand attention. And that presence starts with a first-rate website. A good website will entice customers and act as the hub for all your digital marketing activities, so it needs to look (and sound) spectacular. But if [...]

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Why A Local Business Needs More than Just a Local Website?

“Good enough” is not a phrase many of us would like our businesses associated with. Certainly, amongst the local businesses I come across in Farnham and surrounding areas, companies are trying to deliver a lot more than “good enough”. Which is why I find it surprising that so many local [...]

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Why Your Small Business Needs a Better Website

Thinking of upgrading your company’s site? READ THIS FIRST. Chances are good your company needs a better website. And while this probably isn’t news to you, here’s something you might not have considered: “The cost of your current website may be far more than the cost of a better website. [...]

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