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Favourite Food: Thai food
Favourite Animal: Otter
Favourite Phrase: Is that one?

Hyped Marketing wouldn’t be where we are today without Gee, our Business and Creative Manager. Gee is one of our original team members and has been with Hyped since we started three years ago.

Want to find out all about the woman behind the magic? We asked Gee some questions so you can get to know her like we do…

What sparked your interest in working in design/digital?

If I’m honest, I fell into it! Clearly destined to be a bit of a nerd, I originally wanted to be an analytical chemist but ditched university to help the family business. I’ve always been creative but learned a few web bits whilst working with them and realised it fit so comfortably and I loved it. So, lots of self-taught hours, many courses and years of on-the-job experience later, here I am!

What does your role typically include?

Studio Manager — Taking in and managing all the incoming briefs from the Account Handlers, filtering them through the Studio team, checking all artwork and getting down and dirty with website and tech requests, including hand-coded responsive HTML emails (previous nicknames include GeeMail…), SEO & PPC ?.

Business & Creative Manager — Same same, but different. Making sure all teams are running as smoothly as possible whilst reporting on business targets to the Directors.

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of the Studio team involves?

Coffee and SCHNACKS…

We get together first thing in the morning for a roundup of what we will be working on and completing for the day. This ranges from anything including social media images and website updates to designing large outdoor advertising artwork, event stands, brochures and website builds. As a team, we love whiteboard brainstorm time — it’s a fab way of just getting all ideas out on the table to see what we can really come up with.

What is your favourite project to date?

I have two: both website design and builds! One for Burning Tree and the other for Mooeys salons. We’re also currently working on a huge event stand design for Mooeys which is going to be exciting to see in action once it’s finished.

What is your best memory of Hyped so far?

Hyped very much goes by the motto of ‘work hard, play hard.’ So, safe to say social events outside of the office are so much fun that I can’t remember much of them ?! Beerex at the beginning of the year and the Christmas party at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield top the list though.

What has been your favourite advertisement campaign (outside of Hyped!)?

KFC always seems to smash it. Each year, it’s either subtly super clever or it comes up with something disruptive to grab everyone’s attention. Its team’s Twitter responses are hilarious and always on point too ?.

Lastly, what’s your favourite gif…

Gee gif