At the 1961 Masters Tournament, Arnold Palmer held a one stroke lead over Gary Player as he walked off the 18th tee.  On the trip up the fairway he allowed himself to talk to a friend who congratulated Palmer on his win.Even though Palmer knew he needed to concentrate on finishing the hole, he couldn’t help but think about the green jacket that would soon be on his shoulders.

Palmer bogeyed the hole and lost the Masters by one stroke to Player.

Too often we know exactly the right path to take (and the right decisions to make), but fail to follow through for one reason or another.

What does this have to do with mobile responsive design?

Every day new studies and statistics are reporting …

  •     More mobile devices are sold every day than babies are born
  •     Mobile is critical to massive future growth
  •     Billions of dollars are being spent in mobile transactions
  •     In order to survive, your business must embrace mobile

For most of us, I think the message has been heard loud and clear…  Mobile is the future (and present)

Mobile is obviously a very big part of the present and future web, and if your business is not utilising (or preparing to utilise) a mobile strategy that works, you can expect a swift demise into obscurity.

Developers, designers and content creators are realising the power of a “mobile first” philosophy, and they’re finding enormous benefits coming their way …

“My websites run faster developing Mobile First. I have recoded websites responsively and mobile first and have often reduced my load time by 30-40%”

“My clients understand content priority and visual hierarchy easier and better. They can all relate to the frustration of not getting the content they want on their mobile browsers and I can easily use this frustration to convince them to reconsider the desktop experience”

“My wireframing has gone faster. Since the clients now know which information is more important to them and their users, I can take that and turn it into a larger screen wireframe with them that they understand”

So if mobile is so important and intent on world domination, shouldn’t we be thinking differently how we build our websites and produce our content?

If the world is making this shift that favours mobile devices over desktop stations, it would make sense that we prioritise our efforts with the mobile audience in mind.