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Hyped Marketing wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated Account Handlers who put their all into the work they do. Mischa has been supporting clients for just over four months now and has already established fantastic relationships with them.

Want to find out all about the woman behind the magic? We asked Mischa some questions so you can get to know her like we do…

Favourite Food: Sushi or gooey brownies!
Favourite Animal: Dogs and lions
Favourite Phrase: You create your own luck!

What sparked your interest in marketing….?
I was working as an intern at a sports company before, helping with the communication, management and organisation of setting up a big event. Through doing this, it was vital to constantly communicate with the marketing team to ensure they were able to put relevant content out to publishers, as well as online through social media and the events webpage. This side of the event started to interest me more, so I asked the marketing team lots of questions and tried to see if and where I could get involved.

What does your role as an Account Manager typically include?
I’ll start my day by checking my emails, actioning any urgent requests and then I’ll begin to get along with doing social calendars and contacting editors to ensure we can place our client’s PR (which, ultimately, is what takes up the majority of my day). This can sometimes involve spending a lot of time on Google to find relevant content and publications.

If I’m not doing that, then I’m either creating a newsletter or catching up with one of my lovely clients on the phone!

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of the Client Services Team involves?
As a ‘heart’ (what we call our different teams here at Hyped), we are always engaging with each other to keep ourselves up to date with each client. We know it’s important to support everyone here, so we’re always looking out for each other to see how and where we can help out in any shape or form.

No doubt you will also hear from everyone in the team that we have all (nearly) mastered the balancing coffee cup act! Alongside our frequent caffeine fix, there are definitely plenty of laughs to be shared throughout the day too.

What is your favourite project to date?
Creating and designing 2X Systems’ newsletter. It’s satisfying when you start something from scratch, are allowed to be creative and complete a finished product!

What is your best memory of Hyped so far?
I was lucky enough to arrive the week before Beerex and I can definitely say it was a great way to get to know everyone! It confirmed to me that I have definitely landed in the right working environment, knowing that we all get along so well!

What has been your favourite advertisement campaign (outside of Hyped!)?
Nandos! They were encouraging customers to cash in on free meals, with the points they had been accumulating on their rewards card. They did this by selecting a number of billboards to put a giant loyalty card on. The loyalty card then said: ‘Pick nine mates and get ready to nab our giant Nando’s Card’. If the card was successfully taken off of the billboard and brought into the store, then the 10 people were entitled to receive free meals for a limited amount of time.

Lastly, what’s your favourite gif?

Mischa favourite gif