A continued trend within social media for 2014 is the rise of social media advertising usage by marketers. It was reported by the IAB that spend in the UK for the first 6 months of 2013 grew by 53% to £242.5million, and it’s likely that figures for the back-end of the year will have increased even more.

Much of this increase is down to marketers realising that they need to use paid social ads to supplement their organic activity.

Another reason for the rise in popularity is the fact that many of the platforms allow for better targeting options and reporting. Marketers are realising that social advertising, unlike some more traditional marketing channels, can not only allow accurate targeting across a range of demographics and interests, but also gives in-depth reporting to help demonstrate ROI.

Twitter’s roll-out of advertising for small and medium businesses recently is further evidence. This now offers companies with budgets of all sizes to be able to use the platform to target their customers. Social media platforms will continue to develop new advertising products throughout 2014, such as the auto-playing Video Ads from Facebook, which have been rolled out throughout recent weeks.

With the increase in popularity of mobile internet usage, mobile-first design is prevailing more than ever. More sites are going to be designed for mobile and enhanced for larger devices responsively, rather than the other way round.

With the combination of Social Advertising and Mobile-First design, we can be sure that big changes are coming in the way consumers interact with their favourite brands online.