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Promotional merchandise can have many benefits for a business, regardless of its size, because of its unique ability to convey a message or display a brand in many different formats. Merchandise can be handed out in the form of a pen, a t-shirt, a badge, a key ring etc. and many organisations around the world reach their audience in this way.

Often, the usefulness of promotional merchandise is overlooked, however, with marketing campaigns focusing on much larger, more expensive way of reaching their target audiences such as radio or TV advertisements. For smaller companies, a campaign on this scale is impractical and marketing strategists must think of novel, yet cheaper ways or advertising their brand. Promotional merchandise is an inexpensive way of increasing brand awareness on a large scale. A pen displaying a company’s logo can be handed out during a presentation and taken away. That same pen can be used by multiple users, and so the image it bears will be seen again and again. Promotion in this way is successful and invaluable to any business, but particularly for those with a smaller budget.

The effectiveness of this style of marketing and promotion can easily be assessed. The response of the audience to a promotional ‘giveaway’ at a particular corporate event can be measured in the form of new custom. Promotional merchandise can be given away at conferences, exhibitions, presentations and even award ceremonies as table gifts. The versatility of this style of marketing makes it particularly beneficial as promotional material can be handed out at any time and on any occasion. Any business can enjoy this kind of flexibility, regardless of its size, or indeed, its industry, as promotional merchandise can advertise any brand and any kind of company, from charities to construction companies and beyond.

The cost-effectiveness of marketing it this way will obviously enable a business to direct funds elsewhere, benefiting the business again. Better still, merchandise can be ordered and delivered quickly and on-demand, so that if the chance to market your brand should present itself at short notice, you will still be able to capitalise on the opportunity. A billboard or TV campaign requires planning and cannot be turned around quickly, and if the TV, radio ad or billboard isn’t seen or heard at the most opportune time, then the moment has been lost. With promotional merchandise, the message can be conveyed again and again at any time.

With the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, versatility and availability of promotional merchandise, it is hard to see why not all businesses exploit the opportunity to market themselves in this way. Any business, no matter how great or modest the budget, can benefit from promotional merchandise and the values it has to offer.