Project Description

Why You Need Content

B2B sales and marketing has changed. No longer do potential customers pick up the phone and invite you to pitch for their business. Now prospects find all the information they need to make a decision online. And if they can’t get it from you, they can get it from your competitors.

Research from Google and the Corporate Executive Board* shows that customers are almost 60% through the sales process before they choose to engage with your business directly. By the time they decide to pick up the phone or email you; they have done their research, surfed company websites, read blogs, and stalked you and your business on social media.

What are they looking for?

Essentially they want to know if you can help them. If you understand their challenges and motivations, and have a solution that will make their job easier, impress their boss and help them meet their business and personal objectives.

They also want to know if they can do business with you, if they can trust you, and whether you will deliver what you promise.

What they don’t want is an out-and-out sales pitch. Instead they want authentic content that demonstrates your values, expertise, and professionalism, which provides them with the insights they need to take the next step.

What The Right Content Can Do For You

The right content first attracts prospects to your business. It raises awareness, generates interest and makes prospects sit up and take notice. This awareness raising content might exist on social media in the form of updates, photos, videos and links, or in the form of company blog posts or articles on 3rd party websites.

Typically this content addresses a need. A desire for knowledge, a solution to a problem, an understanding of the options and opportunities available to the reader.

Awareness raising content can also help businesses differentiate themselves, reflecting company values, personifying the business and building trust.

Having successfully raised awareness of your business, your content needs to turn prospects into leads.

Lead gen content helps you qualify prospects; it forces them to take the next step and allows you to engage directly with them. It shifts the sales conversion process back in your favour, giving you some control and visibility over the marketing to sales funnel.

This content is desirable. It will help your prospect achieve their goals and therefore it comes at a price. That price is the opportunity to engage with them directly. In exchange for your valuable content, the prospect provides you with their valuable contact details: an email, their name, perhaps some details about their company.

With this information you now have a lead. You can put that lead into an email nurturing campaign, you can research them and their company, and you can share more relevant content with them. You could also invite them to contact you to discuss their needs in more detail, set up a demo or a trial, or send them free samples and a discount on their first order. It’s up to you to follow up in the most appropriate way for your business and that lead.

What’s In The Box?

Your prospects are hungry for content, and you need to feed them. But creating effective content is time consuming and requires specialist expertise. That’s why you need Content In A Box.

In the box you get…

Lead gen content x 3

lead-genWhitepaper / eBook content: help your prospects do their job with an insightful and informative download. Build your company’s authority as experts or thought-leaders in your field – approx. 3000 words

Template / Worksheet: tools that provide prospects with quick and easy solutions are popular downloads and effective lead gen content.

Cheat Sheet / Checklist: simplify a process, share essential tips, downloads that are highly targeted at your ideal customer.

Blog post content x 12

blogEach lead gen download is supported with 4 evergreen blog posts that can be posted on your company website, on LinkedIn, as guest blogs or any other platform you choose.

600 words each of engaging, awareness raising and targeted content designed to generate interest in you, your company and your offering; and point prospects firmly in the direction of the relevant download / lead gen.

Social media updates x 48

feedPromote your blog posts on social media using updates specifically written to get prospects to click on your links. Each blog post is supported with 4 individual social media updates: 2 for Twitter and 2 for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or other platforms. You choose.

5 Step Guide To Using Content In A Box

guideNot sure how to optimise a blog post for SEO? Or how turn your lead gen content into a download? This guide takes you through our 5 steps for using Content In A Box and ensuring that your content attracts prospects and turns them into leads.

How To Get Started

Content In A Box costs £2,495 for over 60 pieces of unique content tailored to your business and your customers.
All you need to do is:

  1. Contact us so we can find out about you, your business and your customers
  2. Receive our content proposal including outlines of each lead gen and blog post titles
  3. Provide feedback, sign off on the content proposal and deposit 50% of the fee
  4. Receive your Content In A Box 25 working days after receipt of your deposit
  5. Settle your account then get publishing your content and start turning prospects into leads

Ready to get started?

Send us an email and we will get back to you asap.

* The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing