Hyped Marketing are captivated by the hard and creative output of our in-house studio team. Cecilie has been winning our clients’ hearts for just over 5 months with her fresh ideas to enhance organisations content.

Want to find out all about the woman behind the magic? We asked Cecilie some questions so you can get to know our in-house Copywriter like we do…

Favourite Food: Mac ‘n’ cheese (pasta in general really)
Favourite Animal: Doggos – they’re man’s best friend for good reason
Favourite Phrase: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or a G&T)

What sparked your interest working with the words….?
I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing (back in the day it used to be writing stories, but now blogs are more my thing).

While studying PR at university, I realised that I preferred writing press releases, advertorials etc. to the actual PR side of things – and this was further cemented during my placement year at a beauty PR company, when I got the opportunity to work alongside the in-house Copywriter there.

What does your role as Copywriter typically include?
It’s quite varied – basically anything to do with words is usually thrown my way! Whether that be website copy, leaflets, social media posts or newsletters.

But the main bulk of what I do at Hyped involves researching and writing the monthly blogs for our broad range of clients, which means having to switch up the writing style and tone of voice a lot. I also carry out any ad hoc proofreading when needed by the Account Managers.

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life of the Copy Team involves?
Microsoft Word is our friend and most of the day is spent on this writing some form of copy. We’ll typically already have an idea of what blog we’ll be writing that day, as these are scheduled in the calendar to help us keep track – but often there’s a bit of jigging around involved as new ad hoc tasks come in or things move further up the priority list.

Throughout the day, there are always copious amounts of coffees/teas/treats on hand to keep us all going – as well as plenty of laughs and some fabulous duets and harmonies (with a few solo performances coming from Gee’s corner).

What is your favourite project to date?
We recently redesigned one of our client’s websites, which also involved revamping the copy. It was great to be involved right from the start, meeting with the client to discuss their vision for the site and the brand tone of voice – and then bringing this to life through the copy on the page.

What is your best memory of Hyped so far?
Beerex! I see Flo wrote the same for her blog, so clearly, a good time was had by all! There were some great stories to be told in the office the following Monday and I think the event definitely sums up our ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude here at Hyped.

The impromptu pizza lunches and after-work pub sessions are always a sure-fire way to boost the mood in the office too.

What has been your favourite advertisement campaign (outside of Hyped!)?
It’s an oldie but the genius ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ ad for Old Spice has always stuck in my head. It was filmed in a single uncut shot and the monologue is hilarious too.

KFC’s cheeky ‘FCK’ ad was also a brilliant, yet oh-so simple, response to the infamous chicken shortage of 2018.

Do you do any writing outside of Studio Team life?
I actually read a lot more than I write outside of work! It’s a really good way to improve your own writing, as you get exposed to different styles and genres. But it also means I can give my brain a bit of a break in the evening before bed (I always sleep much better if I read before bed, rather than just scrolling through my phone!).

Lastly, what’s your favourite gif?

cecilie fave gif