Email marketing

How many emails land in your inbox (and, subsequently, your trash) every day? Equally, how many times has an enticing email duped you into buying something you didn’t even know you needed?

To make sure the right people see your emails and act on them, it’s essential to create content that grabs their attention and encourages them to click through.

Our in-house team can help with every stage of your email marketing design — building bespoke HTML emails and producing targeted messaging to ensure the perfect balance of style and substance.

We’ll also carry out thorough browser and inbox testing for both mobile and desktop devices to ensure everyone sees your email as intended before broadcasting it to your database. If you don’t have a database ready to use, don’t worry! We can help you create your own GDPR-compliant list of people to target.


Digital marketing in the age of COVID

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With our expertise, email marketing will help you speak directly to your audience, enabling you to build brand awareness and loyalty. And whilst you might think it’s more suited to the B2C sector, B2B email marketing can also prove hugely successful, helping you to connect and keep in touch with contacts.

The impact of email marketing is also entirely measurable and highly cost-effective — making it an excellent channel choice for internal and external communications alike. Plus, we’ll analyse each email campaign against industry benchmarks and previous campaigns to see how you’re performing and continually improve results.

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