PR placements

There’s an old saying: ‘Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for’.

And for good reason. It’s one thing for you to boast about how great your business is (show off), but it’s another thing entirely for someone else to say how great you are. This is exactly why PR marketing is so effective.

Whether you want to promote a recent blog article or share a company update, PR is an excellent way to get your message out, raise awareness of your business and establish credibility and authority amongst your target audience and industry.


Digital marketing in the age of COVID

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Over the years, we’ve built up an extensive press list across a range of publications — leveraging these relationships to secure relevant PR marketing opportunities in both digital and print titles. These titles could be local, national or specific to your sector.

Where possible, we’ll also think outside the box and cast the net wider, targeting publications that you might not have previously thought of to move your business onto the radar of new audiences.

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