Company overview

Based in Manchester, Invosys is a telco that does things differently — providing cutting-edge telephony solutions and 24/7 telecoms support either directly to business customers or through its channel partners.

We first started working with Invosys via a referral. They liked the look of our website and what we do, and after speaking with our MD, Jamie, we kicked off a new website rebrand with them entirely online….

The brief

The project actually involved two websites — one for Invosys’ direct business customers and one for their wholesale channel partners.

Although the previous branding broke the mould when it came to telcos, the graffiti elements no longer worked for Invosys and didn’t sit well with some of their more corporate clients. As such, they wanted a fresh new look that would make them stand out from the pack whilst maintaining the feel of a trusted brand.

We were tasked with pulling all channels together with a unified look complemented by regular and consistent marketing to ensure the Invosys name stood out and stuck in customers’ minds.

Our approach

We tackled the full website rebrand project in three stages: DISCOVER, CREATE and DELIVER.

For the DISCOVER phase, we learnt all about Invosys and their goals, interviewing key stakeholders to gather a super detailed brief. Next, we tackled the CREATE stage of the project — putting together tone of voice and brand guidelines as well as coming up with a range of logo concepts.

The final phase — DELIVER — involved creating wireframes, a site map and page designs before going ahead with the build. At this point, we also merged the two websites, creating one site for both direct customers and wholesale resellers to ensure a consistent user journey for both audiences.

The result

The new site went live at the start of 2022 with a much-improved look, feel and user experience — bolstered by an ongoing marketing package to help promote Invosys’ new brand.

Five months after the launch, the results looked good. The number of users has increased by an average of 20% compared to the five months before the launch of the new site, page views are up by 40%, and the average session duration has risen by 42%.

Impressive stuff.

Since being on one of our monthly marketing packages, Invosys has also seen steady growth across their social followers.

We love Hyped and the work they do for us. The team is always so on it, and even in the short time we’ve worked with them, they’ve already made a big impression. Finding a marketing agency that does great marketing is only half of it; Hyped does that in spades, but they’re also great fun to work with (and to join on a night out!). I’d happily recommend them to any business in Manchester or further afield looking for an awesome marketing agency.

Rob Booth, CEO, Invosys

Our work

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