Social media marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful (and cost-effective) ways to reach new audiences, promote your content and up your brand exposure. But it’s also bloody time-consuming.

Whilst social media can appear to be a numbers game, it’s as much about the quality of your content, followers and engagement as the quantity. Not every social platform will work for every business, and one type of content won’t fit all. Each channel requires a different approach.

With so many social platforms to choose from, it’s vital to ensure you’re using the right ones, in the right way and at the right time. We work with you to identify the most suitable social media channels for your business, build a strategy and pinpoint your target audience before managing and monitoring your company pages.


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As part of our social media marketing packages, we’ll also take content creation off your hands. Our in-house team of copywriters, designers and account handlers will work together to create and post relevant and engaging content that strikes the right balance between promotional, informative and entertaining. We’ll also tag relevant publications and people and use appropriate hashtags to further the reach of your content.

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