This month, we’re delighted to welcome Krista to the Hyped family! Krista will be looking to grow our client base and leading the way for a new team here at Hyped, as we continue to expand and deliver awesome marketing campaigns and packages.

Naturally, we had a few questions to ask to help us get to know her better…

Favourite food?

Ooh, I love food, so I have many favourites! But I do enjoy Italian food in particular. Plus, doughnuts!

Favourite animal?

I have a cat called Gunther (huge Friends fan right here!), who is 17 years old next month. I’ve had him since he was a tiny, blue-eyed, eight-week-old kitten, so he’s my buddy. My two boys are now at an age (the youngest one, just about!) where they are loving him too —rather than thinking he’s just theirs to play with!

Favourite phrase/saying?

“Don’t worry about things you can’t do anything about.” (Thanks, Dad!)

What made you want to get into marketing? 

I really enjoy the creative side of marketing. I also like that it can be so impactful and fun and how there are so many different elements to it that can all come together to make it work.

Can you tell us a bit about your previous marketing experience? 

My background has always been purely PR focused. But a few years ago, I moved into business development which involved a marketing element to the role. I really enjoyed the creative side of it. PR is great in terms of content and what you can do with words and profiling but combining that with solid marketing really gets measurable results, which I love.

What were you doing before working at Hyped? 

I was a Director at a B2B tech PR agency heading up their sales and marketing function and playing a part in growing that agency with the Board. Previous to that, I worked at another B2B tech PR agency doing pretty much the same in business development, but that role had more marketing involved — which I really enjoyed.

What are the best days to send out emails?

What in particular made you want to join Hyped? 

I’ve known two of the co-founders of Hyped for many years and have previously used Hyped as a supplier in delivering some of the marketing campaigns I’ve run in past roles. I really admire the agency, the growth and success it’s seen and think the culture is fantastic.

What has your role as Team Lead at Hyped involved so far? 

My role is a dual role. I will be working with April, Hyped’s Business Development Manager, to attract new clients and collaborate on pitches and new business activities. I will then be onboarding those clients and leading them within a new team at Hyped — the aim being to continue the agency’s successful growth.

What are your first impressions of Hyped?

Everyone is super friendly and welcoming, and the offering is very well-honed and super slick. I love that Hyped knows its place in the market and isn’t trying to be anything it’s not. It’s so genuine and that is very refreshing.

What’s your favourite marketing/advertising campaign ever? 

It’s probably not my favourite ever but recently I was seriously impressed with how McDonald’s had listened to some social media momentum and used it in its post-lockdown restrictions advertising. I read the social chatter that was along the lines of, “If McDonald’s don’t use ‘Return of the Mac’ on their ads when all this is over then they are missing a major opportunity.” True to form, they didn’t miss a beat!

Where would we usually find you outside of working hours?

Over lockdown, I did the Couch to 5k (just to escape the four walls of the house!) and I really enjoyed the achievement of it and the escapism of running, so that’s a fairly new hobby. I also love reading and set myself a reading challenge every year. Mostly though, I am with my two boys or out together as a family walking, exploring — tiring them out mainly!

What’s your favourite or most-used gif?

Krista fave gif

And finally, what are you most looking forward to after lockdown?

Just a bit of normality. Being able to get together in bigger groups, arrange larger get-togethers and parties for my kids. Plus, with Christmas (I know, I said it!) on the horizon, just making arrangements to see family without the worry of it all in the back of your mind. Plus, I can’t wait to meet all my new Hyped colleagues in person — so, I’m looking forward to a pub date when we can do so!