How to get seasonal marketing right for your business

It’s almost that time again… The clocks have officially gone back for winter, which means the festive season (and the dreaded ‘C’ word) will be upon us before we know it. And it’s not only Christmas (sorry, we said it) we need to start thinking about; it’ll be New [...]

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Business growth and expansion: we’re bolstering our senior leadership team!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be expanding our senior leadership team as we enter a new growth phase. Krista Le Beau and Lauren Smith — both current members of Hyped’s management team — will join our co-founders, Jamie Barlow and Andrew Johnson, in leading our next phase of [...]

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7 reasons why your B2B company shouldn’t bother with social media

If your customers are other businesses, it means they don’t care about social media — right? So, why bother making it a part of your digital marketing strategy for 2021? We’ll let you decide if you’re better off without, with our seven reasons why you might want to steer clear [...]

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Have You Got Time To Market Your Business?

Through our blog, we hope to provide you with lots of useful advice about marketing your local business both online and offline. However, for many business owners there comes a time when it becomes necessary to consider whether to employ a marketing manager, or to outsource your marketing requirements In [...]

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Groupon: Can Offering A Large Discount Really Bring In New Customers?

A number of clients have asked me about Groupon and whether this is a good way to bring in new local customers. Some new clients report having tried this in the past, with mixed results, so I thought I would explore this voucher platform here: How Does Groupon Work? Using [...]

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The Benefits Of Corporate Merchandise

Promotional merchandise can have many benefits for a business, regardless of its size, because of its unique ability to convey a message or display a brand in many different formats. Merchandise can be handed out in the form of a pen, a t-shirt, a badge, a key ring etc. and [...]

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The Top 10 Benefits Of Using Social Media To Help Grow Your Business

A recent survey from Social Media Examiner shows 89% of small and medium-sized businesses report increased exposure and 75% report increased traffic as the top two greatest benefits of social media. If you are new to social media, or still just testing the waters, you should consider the numerous advantages of [...]

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The Benefits of a Marketing Agency

If you are debating whether to hire a marketing agency or to build a marketing team in-house, you may want to consider the benefits of an outside agency to get the job done. Marketing and advertising are all about communicating value to prospective clients, keeping existing customers loyal, promoting a [...]

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Creating the Perfect Retail Window Display

Whether you’re a small business retailer or planning your first pop-up store, your window display is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of tools to stand out from the competition and draw in foot traffic. Not only are you going head to head with other small businesses, but [...]

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