Yep, we said it… the dreaded C-word.

Of course, there’s also another C-word occupying many businesses’ thoughts this year. With everything that’s going on with COVID, Christmas probably isn’t top of your priority list.

But despite what the grinches out there might say, Christmas is definitely not cancelled this year. The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, but we’ll be damned if it takes away our festive cheer!

For many companies, especially those working in retail or hospitality, November and December are crucial sales periods. (We can probably thank the John Lewis and Coca Cola ads for that.) The last few weeks of the year often generate between 50% and 80% of total revenues. Now is not the time to sit back or give up — especially not you, SMEs!

Ramping up your online presence

Across the globe, small businesses have had to adapt to stay afloat. Equally, customers’ behaviours and habits have also been impacted by the pandemic. The good news is, more people are shopping local, and customers are keen to support independent businesses where they can.

But digital adoption has also accelerated, with social media use skyrocketing and millions now beginning to shop online — meaning how your business is represented in the digital world is more vital than ever.

Your online presence will be the face of your business for the foreseeable future and beyond, so it needs to look the part. Where once you might have decorated your shop window ready for Christmas shoppers, now it’s time to do the same with your website, social media channels and emails.

It’s the little things

Now, before you go thinking we’ve had one too many Baileys (we haven’t — yet), don’t worry. We know this year is going to be a little a different, and we know this year has been incredibly hard on many small businesses.

Budgets are tight, and resources are stretched. But your seasonal marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. It’s the little things that matter most at Christmas. Just be personal; show you’re there and show you care.

Remember, people buy from people. Marketing isn’t about bombarding your customers with your products and services. It’s about showcasing your brand and personality. Yes, the product or service matters — but people want to know who they’re buying from (now more than ever).

To help get you started, our managing director, Jamie Barlow, has a few tips for you all…

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