Marketing should not just be confined to marketing your message about your business’ offering. It can also be used to promote your company culture and employer brand, helping with recruitment and enhancing your overall brand image.

An obvious example of a company that does this well is Google. Few of us can be unaware of the amazing company culture this tech giant offers – we’ve all seen the photos of their offices and heard about their employee perks such as free haircuts, meals and ping pong on tap. As a result Google receive over 2.5 million applications a year and have their pick of the top talent available globally.

This also has benefits for other areas of the business. Businesses and individuals would rather do business with a company they admire or aspire to be like. Given the choice between a business that actively looks after their staff and one that doesn’t appear to care, who would you rather do business with? As with many things, if you don’t show your stripes then people often presume that you are opposed. Therefore if you don’t state you’re an equal opportunities employer, the presumption may be that you’re not.

Marketing your employer brand and company culture


As Stop and Stare has grown in recent years I am increasingly reminded of the importance of company culture both to attract and retain employees, and to attract and retain clients. Successful business relationships depend on clients and marketing agencies understanding each other, and ultimately liking each other. It’s a people business and my team at Stop and Stare are integral to our success.

Therefore it makes sense to promote own team and culture as much as it does to promote our services. For example in our company video all the people featured are members of the team, not extras from central casting! I also encourage employees to personalise our social media platforms and blog sharing insights into our culture and the individuals who make up the business.

Of course my team are all marketing and PR experts so know better than most the value of doing this for your employer and company brand, but it’s an easy and quick win for any business that is genuinely proud of its culture.

If you want a continuous pipeline of talented candidates wanting to work for you, think about the things you can share that will attract them to you. Not just the salary, personal development opportunities and perks, but those examples of what it’s really like to work for your company too. Having a staff social? Share it. Happy for staff to bring their dog to work? Let’s see a photo of Bonzo on Facebook. Actively encouraging your team to learn new skills? Celebrate their achievements.

Taking this approach, where appropriate, can really enhance the way you market your business to clients. Instead of focusing purely on the product or service it provides customers with great insights into what it’s like to work with you. This blog post by one of our clients CBS Office Interiors about work-life balance is good example of this. Insert link to Phil’s post when live

We’re always keen to hear from people that are interested in working with us – as clients or employees. So get in touch if you would like to find out more about Hyped Marketing.