Digital marketing. Doesn’t that just mean you sit on social media all day? Truthfully, sometimes yes. But not because we’re aimlessly scrolling through our feeds — promise!

We get a lot of questions like this (mainly from our grandparents), and you’ll often hear us banging on about all the reasons why digital marketing is so important in today’s increasingly online world.

But in the interest of fairness, here are eight reasons why it’s probably not worth bothering with a digital marketing agency

1. Because you already have a killer marketing strategy

Do you know your online customers like the back of your hand? What about your competitors? Do you have a powerful value proposition? If you already have a clear direction for your business and know exactly what tactics to use to target each audience segment, then keep doing what you’re doing. If not, it might be worth enlisting some help to ensure you aren’t missing opportunities for better targeting or optimisation.

2. Because you’re an expert in all things digital marketing

If you know everything there is to know about social media, content writing, PR, SEO, EDMs, PPC and building beautiful yet user-friendly websites, then you definitely don’t need a digital marketing agency. But how about coming to work for one…? If not, then we wouldn’t suggest ditching your agency just yet. There’s a reason why all the best marketing campaigns were created by a team of specialists rather than a single person.

3. Because you have all the money in the world

By all means, keep throwing cash at various ideas until something sticks if money is no object. But if you’re working to a budget and want to try something a little more targeted and considered, then a digital marketing agency could prove incredibly cost-effective.

4. Because you already have all the tools you need

Have you already got Photoshop software on your computer? InDesign? Illustrator? What about a subscription to Dotdigital? Mailchimp? Hootsuite? SEM Rush? If you’re all set with these tools and know how to use them, then you can probably start tackling your own digital marketing. If you haven’t got them, they can be pretty pricey and a little tricky to get your head around (trying to get all of Google’s products such as Analytics, AdWords and Tag Manager to work in harmony can be a real mission!). But an agency will already have all the tools you need and know how to make the most of them to deliver a successful campaign.

What are the best days to send out emails?

5. Because you have loads of time on your hands

If you frequently find yourself wondering what to do with all your free time, why not fill it with writing regular blogs for your site, managing your social media accounts, building a brand-new website or pitching out content to journalists? If time is not your friend, then an agency can take the load off your plate and take care of all that.

6. Because you don’t care about the results

Hey, if you’re not fussed about your return on investment and seeing tangible results from your efforts, that’s fine. Don’t waste your money on a digital marketing agency. But if you want to find out what’s working and what’s not so that you can convert clicks and engagement into leads, then it’s probably worth investing in some expert help.

7. Because you already have a Facebook account

If your page is fully optimised and you’re posting regular, quality content and getting substantial engagement on each post, then you’re obviously doing something right. Maybe you don’t need help. But is this engagement converting into sales? Have you considered using Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram to target different audiences? The world of social media is incredibly fast-paced, and it can be difficult to keep up with multiple channels — this is where a digital marketing agency comes in.

8. Because your friends and family will help to get the word out

Who needs a press list or database anyway? If you happen to be best friends with Beyoncé, then fair enough. She can no doubt help you reach a lot of people. But are they the right people? Through access to targeted databases and carefully selected publications, an agency can facilitate interaction with audiences who actually want to buy your product or service.

You know what they say, two brains are better than one. Well, how about 15?! If you think you could do with some help in the digital marketing department, sign up to our newsletter for monthly tips and insights or get in touch with our team today.