Christmas ads 2022: the naughty or nice edition

It’s that time again: the great big Christmas ads showdown: the naughty or nice edition! So, let’s see which ones made what list for us this year… Naughty There are lots of ‘no-goes’ when it comes to Christmas ads, but the things that really get on our wick include: [...]

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Full exposure: how to market your new website

Never underestimate the value of a good website. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but plenty of us — 38.5%, to be precise — judge a business solely on our first glance at its site. User experience is essential for customer retention (who wants to [...]

Laughter, tears and yummy food — our top Christmas ads from 2021

Okay, first off, let's just ignore the fact that we're discussing Christmas adverts in November. Given last year was an absolute sh*t show for businesses (well, everyone), we think we can forgive them for imparting a bit of early festive spirit. Plus, with households ramping up spending in December [...]

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The B2B alternative to influencer marketing

If you’ve ever taken out a traditional print or TV ad, you’ll know how pricey they can be. Unfortunately, ramped up costs don’t always equal effectiveness. And traditional ads don’t always offer the best return on investment. As such, many businesses are turning to influencer marketing. But what is influencer [...]

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Which brands nailed the 2019 Christmas ad showdown?

Coca Cola’s iconic ‘Holidays are Coming’ ad has been unofficially kick-starting the festive season since 1995 and, over the years, there have been plenty of crackers from other brands, too. These days, the battle of the Christmas adverts seems to come around earlier and earlier, as brands make one final [...]

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Utilising national days for your marketing strategy

There are two types of people when national days such as Valentine’s Day approaches: those who embrace and those who loathe it. No matter what the response, the value of national days from a marketing aspect should not be ignored. Recognisable events are a great way to engage any current [...]

Are You Doing Christmas? Seasonal Marketing

As soon as the Halloween and Bonfire Night window displays were put away for another year, Christmas came to a TV set, banner ad or social media update near you! In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen our local shops put up their Christmas decorations, supermarkets shelves groaning under [...]

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Do Mailshots Work?

Do you get much personal post? If you’re like me you probably don’t even get bank statements and bills coming through your letterbox, instead they arrive in your inbox. Even the humble birthday card is increasingly being digitalised, and as for Christmas cards I culled my Christmas card list when I saw the price of a [...]

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Paid Local Advertising: What Are Your Options?

I’ve noticed that there’s a reoccurring theme in this blog; that of knowing who your ideal customer is. Without this information, none of your marketing efforts can be targeted in any way. From your company branding to your tweets and updates on social media; if you don’t understand your target [...]

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